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We are an established SouthCoast law firm that specializes in all fields of civil litigation, particularly serious accident cases, civil rights law, employment law, business and real estate disputes, and municipal and governmental law.  Our attorneys are skilled and experienced advocates who have impressive trial records and a commitment to the highest level of client service.  We have earned a reputation for aggressive advocacy on behalf of our clients.  We are backed by a first-rate, professional support staff. Our offices are located in the Andrew Robeson House, a restored 19th century mansion in the heart of New Bedford’s Historic District.

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by Philip N. Beauregard, Esq. In re Female Marines Lawyers savvy on the subject of illegal discrimination in the form of “profiling” should be curious about a recent Marine Corps study comparing all male combat units to those that are mixed, i.e. “integrated” with... read more

Why your Facebook disclaimer means diddly

By Adrienne Catherine H. Beauregard-Rheaume, Esq.

I think it’s important to begin with a reminder of what makes a contract. See, generally, a contract is going to govern any business/consumer relationships, including your use of Facebook.

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The Perils of Ambulance Chasers

By Michael Franco, Esq.

I have noticed a disturbing increase in the number of unsolicited letters and telephone calls being made by law firms to accident victims. These law firms review police blotters to look for auto accidents, and then reach out to accident victims who are identified in the police reports.

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