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We are an established SouthCoast law firm that specializes in all fields of civil litigation, particularly serious accident cases, civil rights law, employment law, business and real estate disputes, and municipal and governmental law.  Our attorneys are skilled and experienced advocates who have impressive trial records and a commitment to the highest level of client service.  We have earned a reputation for aggressive advocacy on behalf of our clients.  We are backed by a first-rate, professional support staff. Our offices are located in the Andrew Robeson House, a restored 19th century mansion in the heart of New Bedford’s Historic District.

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Don’t Let the Statusphere Whammy Your Case

By Adrienne Catherine H. Beauregard-Rheaume, Esq.
I love having things in writing. I love pictures of text messages, even if they are damaging to my clients’ cases, because it arms me with knowledge of what was actually said between two people and therefore a chance to submit evidence to put it into a context that makes it less damning or even helpful when the jury hears it. And you can bet your tush that I’m looking through the history of my clients’ text and other interwebby messages with any interested party.

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Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Employee

By Michael Franco, Esq. The law of defamation is of growing importance in the area of employment law. Suits brought by employees against employers now account for one third of all defamation actions. For decades, the courts have tried to balance employees’ need for... read more

The Need for Evolution in Employment Law

By Philip N. Beauregard, Esq. One area of law that has a lot of catching up to do is that of the employee’s rights when the employer terminates her for wholly unfair reasons. Such employer actions are often devastating to the well qualified, hardworking and productive... read more