Our Philosophy

It is our experience over the years that people who observe our successes in their cases may not be aware of the full range of legal matters that fall within our specialized area of practice.  Over the last 25 years, we have handled many court cases involving death and bodily injury that have resulted in the recovery of several million dollars.   Our expertise and experience enable us to make the best decisions in valuing death and bodily injury claims and in selecting a litigation strategy that will bring the fairest and most efficient result.

Telephone yellow pages, billboards, newspaper ads, and posters on buses appeal to other interests, and that is why we do not pursue that kind of advertising.  Informed people carefully consider the choice of a medical specialist.  It is equally important that clients do their homework before choosing a lawyer for a serious bodily injury or wrongful death claim.

Typical Negligence Cases That Fall Within Our Practice

  • Motor vehicle injury/death;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Legal malpractice;
  • Injury/death caused by defective premises; and
  • Work-place injury/death.

Other Areas Of Concentration

  • Wrongful/bad faith practices by an insurance company;
  • Employment discrimination;
  • Constitutional/civil rights cases against government officials and agencies;
  • Complex business/commercial disputes; and
  • Litigation involving land use and municipal permitting.

Trust Is The Key To An Effective And Productive Lawyer-Client Relationship

What is most important is that people be fully informed about the skills and abilities of the law firm that they choose.  We encourage that effort by those who seek legal assistance.