In reinforcement of our image as lawyers to self-adulate and cock-a-doodle-doo our talents and prowesses, lawyers have the benefit of an annual glitzy magazine called Super Lawyers.  Yes, once a year, we self-designate ourselves (for our regional Super Lawyers group, nearly all with Boston offices) “SUPER,” and proudly publish pretty color ads accompanied by press releases to our home town media.

BBF_PNB star

Dare I ask if there is any difference between this publication and the pictures of the lawyer guys and gals whose faces are known to us from full page telephone book ads, or highway billboards, or smiling lawyers faces on the sides of busses?  For sure, it’s all advertising, funded by those lawyers who seek clients from that kind of marketing and advertising.

So, no, I wasn’t particularly ecstatic last year when I got notice in my mail that I now had the opportunity to register and join this elite group, and get my firm lawyers color-photographed and become eligible to peddle the “Super” designation to the state wide bar and public.  (Any advertisement of course to be billed to me.)

No thanks.   Among the designated, some are very super, but some not so super.  It’s all marketing and not truly related to what really counts to measure a lawyer’s performance.

The upshot: Find your super lawyer by asking around, talk to those who know, take notice of lawyers’ reputations and track records.  And, use the Super Lawyer magazine for quality bird cage lining – my cockatiel loves it.

The Law Offices of Beauregard, Burke & Franco is a civil litigation firm specializing in civil rights, business, medical malpractice, employment, and personal injury law. We have handled numerous cases involving contract breaches and also assist clients in drafting contracts that protect them should an issue arise. If you have a contract issue or need to have one drafted. We’ve encountered many “super” lawyers, some of whom have been formally designated as such, many of whom have not.

*pun intended

By Philip N. Beauregard, Esq.